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Exclusive feature:

Medical device aiming to sooth dry or wet cough especially linked with a superior airway’s infection. In In compliance with the European regulation 93/42CE class I.

The PEDIAKID® toux sèche et grasse syrup is suitable for children ages 6+ months. Its exclusive formula contains prebiotic acacia fibres, vegetal glycerine and plant extracts to sooth the cough and sore throat. Acacia fibres create a protective layer on the mucous membrane soothing any irritation and protecting it from external threats. Vegetal glycerine possesses lubricant, humectant and emollient properties that enhance the mucus hydration, thus, easing the physiologic expectoration and soothing the irritation.

The PEDIAKID® Toux sèche & grasse syrup contains plant extracts traditionally used to treat cough symptoms (Thyme, plantain, ivy, helichrysum, pelargonium). With a tasty natural lemon flavour.


Class I Medical device – This medical device is a regulated health product stamped CE as compliant with the EU regulation.

Natural lemon flavour - 125 ml bottle with measuring cap included.


Organic agave syrup 20%
Prebiotic Acacia fibres 10%
Vegetal glycerine (non GMO corn, sunflower, canola) 10%
Plant extracts
  Including Thyme (Thymus vulgaris), leaves
  Including Ivy (Hedera helix), leaves
  Including Helichrisum ou Immortelle italienne (Helichrysum italicum), floral herb
  Including Geranium (Pelargonium sidoides), root
Xanthane gum 0.2%

Ingredients: Water, agave syrup, vegetal glycerine, Acacia prebiotic fibres – Fibregum, hydroglycerine plant extracts (thyme, plantain, ivy, pelargonium), citric acid, xanthan gum, natural lemon flavour, helichrysum extract.

Gluten free - Allergen free - Colouring free - Preservative free - No synthetic excipients

Directions: Shake before opening.

> From 6 months to 5 years old: Take a 5ml dose using the measuring cap, one to four times a day.

> After 5 years old: Take a 10 ml dose using the measuring cap, two to four times a day. The last dose should be taken right before bed time.

Wash carefully the cap after use.

Suitable for adults ages 15+.

Each 5 ml dose contains 1 g of sugar (primarily from fructose contained in the agave syrup).


Warning: If symptoms persist after 5 days or in case of a flu, consult your doctor. Do not use if allergic to one or several components, or if under medical treatment for the throat, unless advised by a doctor.

Keep out of children reach. To be stored away from heat and moisture. Best before the expiration date. To be stored in a fridge used within 15 days of 1st opening. 


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