Our expertise


All our products benefit from the latest scientific and technologic updates. They are all produced using the best sources of active ingredients which were meticulously selected and controlled to ensure a perfect traceability.

  • All our formulas combine a mix of natural active ingredients specifically selected for their nutritional and physiological interests. Just because an active has certain properties is not sufficient to combine it with other ones randomly. They should be bioavailable, in other words, digestible by the organism.
  • By pairing the best actives in their best format (liquid, pill…), we ensure an optimal bioavailability and an easier absorption.
  • All our products are reknowned for their quality and trustworthiness. They are neither considered medicines nor stimulants.


By trusting the Laboratoires Ineldea, you chose:

  • A technical and scientifical expertise.
  • Products made in France under quality standards in compliance with the regulation.
  • Innovative product lines formulated in compliance with the European regulation, and benefitting from a clear traceability.


Quality control and management 


The laboratoires Ineldea joined the “Charte de qualité des compléments alimentaires” created by Synadiet and approved by authorities. This document defines the quality and security principles that companies agree to enforce to ensure the safety and effectiveness of their commercialised products under the defined conditions of use.

This quality and security policy relies on 4 pillars: 

  • Preventing risks using the HACCP method: The Laboratoires Ineldea conducted an exhaustive analysis which enabled to assess new practices to put in place ensuring a perfect management of risks that can occur during the product design stage (technical conception, ingredient selection, manufacturing, labelling, distribution including traceability, post commercialisation follow-up).
  • The implementation of a management system ensuring the quality and security of food products. A precise management is defined and formalised throughout processes applied at every step of the process (hygiene guidelines, employees’ training, controls, corrective measures, improvement actions). Efficiency is constantly verified.
  • The definition and rigorous update of accessible technical documents from the product conception stage to its delivery guaranteeing a perfect traceability.
  • Ongoing benchmark of any novelty in terms of alimentary product safety


All Laboratoires Ineldea products are made in France under the Assurance qualité (Quality insurance) and respecting the Bonnes pratiques de fabrication (good manufacturing practices). The quality and security approach is in compliance with the French and EU regulation that rigorously frame the product composition, aspect and market entrance. All food supplement were declared to authorities and are regularly controlled by the DDPP services.