Spring is coming and not that Easter also so do not waste time!

We share with you the very nice small crafts blog http://www.creamalice.com/ for easy and inexpensive decoration.

The egg hunt is open!

Equipment :

  • Paper plates
  • Mobile Eyes
  • Large pompons
  • Balls Cotillion
  • Colored caterpillars
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • White glue
  • Steps
  • Cut into 2 a paper plate
  • Turn it and superimpose it on a plate full. Staple them together at the edge
  • Cut out another paper plate of another pattern into 2 equal parts, they will be used for the ears
  • Center and staple the ears of the rabbit's head.
  • Paste now moving eyes, large tassels, the cotillion ball for a nose.
  • Cut 6 small lengths of tracks and secure them on the plate to simulate the whiskers of the Easter bunny.

Source: http://www.creamalice.com/fiche/panier-lapin-assiettes-en-carton/