This little tutorial, unearthed on the blog Saltandpeppermoms, should appeal to children ... and parents! :-)

To achieve this you will need:

  •         3 mini terracotta pots
  •         Pebbles and small stones
  •         From the florist foam
  •         Paint and brushes

  •         Step 1: Wash the roller and select the 3 or 4 pots
  •         Step 2: Paint the jars and let them dry. You can also protect them with a bomb in polish.
  •         Step 3: Paint rollers in different shade of green by adding small white patterns (polka dots, dashes, ...).

Step 4: Once your paint is dry, fill the pots. Start by placing the florist foam, place your painted pebbles as you like and fill the pots with small stones to wedge the "cactus" pebbles.

And that's a pretty good creation!

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