Our commitment

Top quality: extracts natural assets

All food supplements PEDIAKID ® demonstrate best asset associations to combine efficacy and bioavailability:

The plant extracts contained in the PEDIAKID ® range are carefully selected for their known properties and gentle action.

All PEDIAKID ® products contain prebiotics of natural origin: soluble acacia, rebalancing of the intestinal flora.

In children, the intestinal flora is immature and therefore particularly sensitive to disturbance.

The addition of natural fruit concentrates syrups makes them very pleasant to taste, to be perfectly appreciated by children.

An exclusive innovation: Agave Nectar Agave syrup

Softer and thinner than honey that sugar vegetable manufactured in Mexico is contained in all PEDIAKID ® formulations.

It is made of natural sugars, unrefined, giving it specific nutritional qualities.

The fibers of Acacia, come potentiate the benefits of agave nectar: ​​very well tolerated by children, they promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut.

PEDIAKID ® is also care & hygiene products. Care products and hygiene PEDIAKID ® have been specially developed for young children, while respecting the delicate skin. Elaborated from plants and essential oils, their proprietary formulas are non-aggressive, no parabens or phenoxyethanol and alcohol.