Our story

Childhood is an essential phase of growing up which can be punctuated with ups and downs.
Like every stage of life, it is important to maintain a healthy diet and an appropriate pace of life. It is often a difficult time for parents that worry about the well-being of their children. 
Lack of appetite, or taste for fruits and vegetables, perturbed sleep pattern, nervosity, repeated cold are some issues that parents are dealing with on a daily basis. Unfortunately, they do not necessarily have the answers to every need of their offspring.

The Laboratoires INELDEA created PEDIAKID, a line of dietary supplements dedicated to provide children the right nutrients and actives to maintain a balanced diet. All products are developed by strictly following high quality, security and efficiency standards. Thus, they are produced using only naturally sourced active ingredients such as plant extracts, vitamins and minerals.
PEDIAKID® wide range of products enables to answer every child’s needs specifically and appropriately, with no secondary effects.
PEDIAKID® products can be used by teenagers and young adults ages 15+.


The finest quality: Natural actives extracts.

All PEDIAKID® food supplements are formulated with the best mix of active igredients, pairing efficacity with bioavailability:

  • All plant active extracts selected for the PEDIAKID® line were meticulously chosen for their reknowned properties and soothing action.
  • All PEDIAKID® products contain naturally sourced prebiotic: acacia soluble fibres bring balance back to the intestinal flora.
  • Children intestinal flora is not fully developed yet and therefore is particularly prone to any disturbances.
  • Our syrups contain concentrate of natural fruits, which enhance their flavour and make them more pleasant for children.


An exlusive formula : The agave nectar :   Sirop d'agave

  • The agave syrup is part of all PEDIAKID® syrup formula. Made in Mexico, it is composed of natural unrefined sugar, making it sweeter and thinner than honey.
  • Well tolerated by children, acacia fibres maximise the agave nectar's benefits as they favour good bacteria growth in the intestine.


PEDIAKID® also has a Hygiene & Care product line

PEDIAKID® Hygiene & Care product line was specifically designed to answer the needs of toddlers and respect their sensitive skin. All our exclusive formula are made with plants and essential oils and are non-aggressive for the skin. We guarantee no paraben, no phenoxyethanol and no alcohol in our products’ composition.


The Laboratoires Ineldea are renewing their sponsorship with the Fondation Lenval 


Caring about children daily well-being and confort is in our DNA. That is why it was evident for us to support the Fondation Lenval.
Laboratoires Ineldea is proud to support this organisation since 2017.
The Fondation Lenval is composed of 16 social and medico-social sites for toddlers and teenagers, welcoming 60000 emergencies and 15000 hospitalizations. Its strong local presence, values and reknowned reputation are only a few of their qualities that convinced us to renew our sponsorship in 2021 for an additional 3 years.