Awakening and growth

Awakening and growth  

If the major stages of growth, from 0 to 5 years are very visible as physical, it is nonetheless true that the brain and cognitive functions are also constantly changing, until adolescence. It is therefore very important to ensure proper nutritional intake. To ensure strong bones and to optimize bone health, sufficient intake of calcium and vitamin D is essential.

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  • «Optimises vitamin D intake, which contributes to calcium absorption and bone health»

    Rich in Vitamin D3 of natural origin, which helps absorption of calcium and phosphorus, maintaining bones and teeth, and immune function The + Product: PEDIAKID Vitamin D3 is produced from ingredients 100% natural, preservative free.  

    9,38 €
  • «Maintains bone health with calcium and vitamin D»

    Rich in Calcium and Vitamin D, which help maintain strong bones and healthy teeth The + product: Formula Perfectly assimilated suitable for children intolerant to lactose or milk allergies. Covers 100% of the recommended daily intake of calcium  

    8,44 €
  • «Rich in DHA, critical to brain function»

    Rich in Omega 3 fatty acid, DHA, which maintains the proper cognitive functioning (memory, concentration) Rich in vitamins A, C, D, E The +  Product:An exclusive innovation: Agave NectarSofter and thinner than honey that sugar vegetable manufactured in Mexico is contained in all PEDIAKID ® Syrup formulations. It is made of natural sugars, unrefined,...

    8,44 €
  • «Participates in a growth and normal development of children, supports cognitive function»

    Rich in Omega 3 Vitamins A, B5, B6, E & Zinc A formula practical, fun, delicious and natural The + Product:PEDIAKID ® Omega 3 Gums were developed apple pectin. They have no gelatin, no preservatives, no gluten, no lactose, no artificial flavors or colors.

    7,49 €
  • «Optimises Vitamin D intake»

    Rich in naturally occurring Vitamin D3 (100% of RI) Growth and resistance A practical, enjoyable, tasty, natural formula Product highlights :  PEDIAKID® Vitamin D3 gums have been produced using pectin from apples. They are free from gelatin, preservatives, gluten, lactose, flavourings and artificial colourings.

    7,49 €
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